FREE accommodation to kidney disease – Hemodialysis Patients, from Sweden, France, Netherlands and Belgium, in Apollonia Hotel Resort & Spa (please note that the accommodation rate refer to your companion)

MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers
The MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group was founded for the sole purpose
of fully covering the needs of dialysis patients according to the highest standards.
Our vision is to create a model hospitalization unit that will improve the patients’ quality of life.We offer dialysis patients safety and quality in dialysis treatments in a highly sophisticated environment, close to their permanent place of residence, but also close to vacation spots where patientshave the opportunity to enjoy their holidays.

The unit in Crete:

This unit in Crete is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Ammoudara –one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in the prefecture of Heraklion-, at a close distance from the archaeological site of Knossos, and only 5 kilometers from the Heraklion University Hospital.


An elegant building of 1,700 square meters was erected in a privately owned area of 8,000 square meters, among a lush garden that also includes a pool. The well-equipped medical facility provides patients with high quality healthcare services, in a pleasant environment of high aesthetics.

Unit Capacity

This unit has a capacity of 160 patients and 40 Fresenius Medical Care 5008S online HDF machines, while it also annually accommodates the needs of at least 700 visitors (Greek and foreign).

Safety & Quality

  • Constant presence of Nephrologists during dialysis sessions
  • Designated areas for treating patients with Hepatitis B & C
  • High and low flux polysulfone and helixonehemodialysers by Fresenius Medical Care
  • HIV negative unit


  • FREE accommodation to kidney disease – Hemodialysis Patients, from Sweden, France, Netherlands and Belgium
  • Two dialysis rooms of 1,200 square meters
  • Continuous monitoring by a cardiologist and immediate treatment of vascular access problems by affiliated vascular surgeons
  • High-educated, multilingual administrative, medical and nursing personnel
  • 24 hour medical support
  • Private ambulance • Luxury facilities for guests and their accompanying persons
  • Special privileges for our returning dialysis guests
  • Tourist information office for foreign patients
  • Contracts with all the insurance institutions/companies
  • Free transfer during dialysis ( from the tourist areas of Heraklion prefecture)
  • The unit is open from Monday to Saturday and provides dialysis in three shifts (07:00, 12:00 and 17:00)

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